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You might not know this, but we (sometimes) work with brands. Brands we like, brands that make sense to stand alongside, brands that let us do weird things etc.

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Fireball Helloween Party

We teamed up with Cameo — the Celebrity Shoutout Factory — to onboard the Real Talent of this country, including Harrowing Films, Pauly & Whitey and the motivational king Habbatron.

Cameo Partnership
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Mambo The Why2k Collection

Bespoke viral content for Schweppes.

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ALT Launch Campaign

'Straya Does Narcos', an exclusive collab with the king Harrowing Films for Netflix Australia.

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Netflix Narcos Season 3 Promo

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What is a Brown Cardigan?

Brown Cardigan is an online collective of social platforms that puts the lives of everyday Australians into your eyes.

You send in the things you see. We bring the best stuff back to you.

Thru a curated video selection, we present a picture of the nation you won't see anywhere else.

Over three quarters of a million followers scroll thru our content stream to keep up with the weird shit happening around the country on a daily basis.

Starting out as an image-based blog in 2007, Brown Cardigan’s popularity has grown exponentially.

It's become a culture-maker and a content source for major print and online media.

Whether you're at the pub or a local barbecue it's not uncommon to hear someone quoting a Brown Cardigan post.

If something odd, strange, fu*ked or funny happens in Australia, you can bet that someone sent it to BC.

The platform turns a diverse range of people, often unseen and unheard of, into heroes. These classic characters inadvertently start trends, launch recurring memes and become apart of the cultural attache of the nation.